Assumption Gallery presents Craig Norris' Amazing Places

5/2/2014 12:00:00 AM

Starting today, and until the end of June, the Assumption Gallery will be showing a series of short nature documentaries by Craig Norris entitled "Amazing Places". This series features amazing hiking destinations in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. Craig was born and raised in New Brunswick. The Bay of Fundy and the Acadian forest are sacred to him. "I think sometimes people feel like we've already lost everything worth protecting, and unfortunately we have lost too much, but make no mistake, there is still a wild and beautiful side to this province, and there is still time to save it" shares Craig Norris. With this interactive exhibit and series of films, he’s trying to bring the forest to the people and hoping that will spur them to check it out for themselves. He believes if he can convince people to take the time visit these places, they will fall in love with them and when you love something, you protect it.


Craig Norris is an award winning documentary filmmaker and photographer, and owner of VIDEOBAND, a Moncton based production-company that specializes in documentary content. Craig also runs CNP Workshops, and has been teaching photography and photo editing for the past five years. Craig’s documentary photo career started in 2006 when he independently studied documentary film making and photography by driving an 85,000 kilometer lap around North America. Over two years he traveled across Canada, north to Alaska, south to Costa Rica, and back home to Moncton, New Brunswick. Craig’s transition from documentary photography to film making began in 2011, with releases emerging in 2013.


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