Assumption Gallery Immersed in the World of Michel Thériault

1/6/2015 12:00:00 AM

The Assumption Gallery is starting the year off by hosting Michel Thériault’s exhibit: Bonhommes et curiosité (Characters and Curiosities). While the general public is familiar with the artist’s songs, many are happily discovering another form of his artistic expression: painting.

Michel Thériault became interested in visual arts when he took up watercolour painting over 15 years ago. Having enjoyed drawing as far back as he can remember, Michel ventured into this new medium to enhance his drawings of tiny characters. Wanting to create larger pieces and experiment with bright colours, he later turned to acrylic paints.

Dubbed the “pop-moutarde” singer, this artist is well known for his humour and spontaneity. These aspects of his personality can be seen in some of his paintings. Michel Thériault likes to surprise people with his sometimes unusual, sometimes absurd pieces. This art form has given him a new means of self-expression. “Painting is more impulsive. It allows me to express myself artistically with a sense of freedom,” confides the multidisciplinary artist.

There is no point in summarizing Michel Thériault’s style of art. It runs the gamut of genres, from the cartoon-style naïve character to more traditional landscapes. Yet an element of the unexpected can be found in most of his paintings. It could be an unusual object in a natural setting or the unorthodox placement of a subject. The painter’s intent is to surprise and intrigue observers.

Visual art is not Michel’s only focus; he continues to pursue his music career. His latest album will be released this spring. Michel promises a little pop-moutarde in this release, which may even get a bit spicy!

Michel Thériault’s exhibition, Bonhommes et curiosités, will be on display at the Assumption Gallery in January and February. The artist is also exhibiting at the Tait House, in Shediac, along with two fellow artists.

The Assumption Gallery exhibits contemporary, modern and popular works inspired by history and folklore, as well as sculptures and photographs by professional Canadian artists. Six two-month shows are presented every year. The Gallery is located at 770 Main Street in Moncton, on the ground floor of Assumption Place.