Brigitte LeBouthillier presents POP Couleur at Assumption Gallery

11/3/2015 12:00:00 AM

In November and December, the Assumption Gallery will be hosting POP Couleur, an exhibition of the works of Brigitte LeBouthillier. The New Brunswick artist will display a dozen paintings in acrylic and oil. This is her second show at the Assumption Gallery.

Her POP Couleur collection is a series of colourful works that bring together unusual colour combinations. After her “L’âme de nos maisons (The soul of our houses)” period, and her more abstract periods of single colour themes (among others her “Le Rouge” and “Les Jaunes” collections), Ms. LeBouthillier ventured into multicolour painting: “The blend of colours brings out the artist in me. It’s spontaneous and it’s what I like in my art.”

Her paintings are based on form, contrast of colours, motion, imagination and texture. The artist uses a palette knife for her oil paintings. She mixes her colours and creates outlines that she scratches into the fresh paint. Lastly, she applies a coat of varnish, which gives a glossy effect to her paintings and a feeling of enchantment. Brigitte hopes that her work inspires visitors to move, to be in motion.

“I’ve always chosen my own themes. Painting represents the very essence of life and that allows me to put everything I’ve got into it, to be true to myself, to be grounded. All my passion flows through my art. My inspiration is spontaneous and depends on what I see, a clothing pattern or a landscape, or how the color of the season makes me feel.”

Brigitte LeBouthillier is a native of Lagacéville, New Brunswick. She has just moved to a new studio, La Galerie LeBouthillier, on Main Street in Shediac.