Criminal charges against a former employee: Assumption Life issues an update

11/10/2015 12:00:00 AM

Assumption Life confirms that six criminal charges for fraud were laid against Paul LeBlanc, a former employee.

After receiving a statement from Mr. LeBlanc acknowledging that he committed disgraceful acts that do not reflect Assumption Life’s values and operations, the company acted swiftly and diligently to terminate his employment, on September 22, by contacting both the relevant regulatory body for the revocation of his agent’s licence and the police. A process has been initiated to carry out the necessary verifications under the circumstances. Clients who dealt with Mr. LeBlanc were notified of his departure and invited to contact Assumption Life.

André Vincent, President and CEO, regrets this very difficult situation currently being faced by the aggrieved clients and wishes to reassure all clients. "Independent audits revealed that the integrity of our systems and data have not been compromised and are not in question. By all indications, the situation affects a very small number of the former employee’s clients: five clients, including four from the same family. The alleged acts appear to have been committed while Mr. LeBlanc was working for Assumption Life, but were conducted outside the company’s operations, without its knowledge. The company is co-operating closely with the authorities and is doing everything within its power to shed light quickly on this matter. The company also reiterates that it has full confidence in its employees and in its system of checks and audits.”

Assumption Life cannot give more details nor comment the charges given the ongoing proceedings.

Clients who have any questions are asked to contact the Assumption Life client services department 1-844-553-5106.