Expression by Lise Gagné at the Assumption Gallery

7/6/2015 12:00:00 AM

In July and August, the Assumption Gallery will welcome Expression, an exhibition by Lise Gagné. The New Brunswick artist will be displaying ten paintings, in acrylic and oil. This will be her first exhibition at the Assumption Gallery.

"I taught myself to paint, and I paint by intuition," said Lise Gagné. "I trust my own sense of colour and movement. My paintings embody the emotions and thoughts that I'm experiencing when I paint them. And the music that I listen to provides the theme for my work."

Accordingly, "Expression" seeks to communicate the artist’s emotions and thoughts. The exhibition will enchant visitors’ senses, with its use of colours that are at times vibrant, at times soft, and at sometimes dramatic. "Colours are very important in our lives and they influence our well-being and our moods," Ms. Gagné explained.

She aims to share her energy and her love of vibrant colours. Inspired by the intense beauty of her surroundings, she composes her paintings with a variety of abstract techniques using acrylic, oil and pastel, as well as a variety of tools, including brushes and pallets, on paper or canvas. "The technique is a fun challenge and the result is always captivating," says Lise Gagné.

"Painting, for me, is a kind of meditation, where my mind is free to wander through my thoughts. When I access this other part of myself, I find the freedom to think in a different way, to have fun, and to just paint. Painting is immensely satisfying. At the end of the creative process, I feel refreshed and renewed!" Ms. Gagné concluded.

Originally from Matane in Gaspésie, Lise Gagné lived in England before settling in Moncton. She also practices Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress relief and relaxation that promotes healing.