Georges Goguen shows Lignes descendantes at the Assumption Gallery

5/4/2016 12:00:00 AM

Georges Goguen Shows Lignes descendantes at the Assumption Gallery

Moncton, May 4, 2016 - In May and June, the Assumption Gallery will be hosting Georges Goguen's Lignes descendantes, which is composed of twelve canvases. This will be the New Brunswick artist's first showing at the Assumption Gallery.

Lignes descendantes is pure abstract art. Mr. Goguen paints parallel, descending lines from top to bottom, with forms that cross the canvas from left to right. The overall impression is one of depth and space. Each painting is an independent work where sensation and emotion take over.

"My father was a sign painter, and he was a big influence. Even at 8 years old, I was interested in painting, I was drawing, and at 15 years old I started painting. I took classes, at first correspondence courses, then night and summer classes. But it's always hard to make a living from painting, so I started working at Eaton's in Moncton in 1957. I was a commercial artist there for 13 years, then I worked as a graphic artist for CBC in Moncton for 25 years." Goguen has now been painting for more than 50 years.

"I was mostly influenced by Édouard Manet, one of the forefathers of impressionism, and Pierre Soulages, who is an abstract artist. Throughout my career, I've done lots of research on modern art and pure abstract art. I paint with acrylics, using sponges, rollers and squeegees on big narrow canvases - some are 7 feet by 6 inches. My works create a field of colours" states the artist.

As an avid lover of jazz and classical music, Mr. Goguen believes that like music, painting creates emotion. "You can lose yourself in paint as much as in music, then come out with your own impression, your own vision of the work. That's the way to approach my paintings" concludes Goguen.

Georges Goguen is now exploring two-dimensional painting, where elements appear to move, float and even pop out of the wall. He is a pioneer of contemporary art in Acadia and has worked hard to protect artists' rights. He has become heavily involved in the development of cultural infrastructures in the Moncton region. Most notably, he was the CFO of the CBC's Mini-Gallery, now known as the Galerie Georges-Goguen.

The Assumption Gallery shows contemporary, modern and pop art with historical or folkloric themes, as well as sculptures and photography from professional Canadian artists. Each year, the gallery holds six exhibitions, each lasting two months. The gallery is located at 770 Main Street in Moncton, in the lobby of the Place de l'Assomption.

Emmanuelle Robinson, Communications Advisor Assumption Life