Assumption Group Acquires Technology Consulting Company

8/24/2017 12:00:00 AM

Assumption Group has established its newest subsidiary with the acquisition of a technology solutions company, Tech Knowledge Solutions (TKS), earlier this month. TKS is Assumption Group’s fifth subsidiary.

“Our industry is going through a major transformation including the addition of new players whose activities are focused on the development of leading-edge technologies,” stated André Vincent, president and CEO of Assumption Life. “Our acquisition of Tech Knowledge Solutions fits well with our long-term vision for Assumption Group, and Assumption Life in particular, to communicate more effectively with our partners, advisors and clients through the use of innovative technologies.”

The company is also seeking to broaden its horizons and diversify its product distribution capabilities by leveraging new technologies and fostering new relationships with business partners.

According to Mr. Vincent, the new subsidiary will also be implementing internal projects for Assumption Life. “The acquisition of Tech Knowledge Solutions comes at a time of significant transformation for the Assumption Life client experience,” he explained. “New technologies are certainly at the core of this transformation aiming to empower consumers to choose the communication method that most effectively meets their needs while also supporting the activities of our traditional partners.”

Tech Knowledge Solutions currently has near fifteen employees, including CEO Roddy Awad. In October, the company’s offices will be located at Assumption Place in downtown Moncton.