Michelle Savoie exhibits her collection Connecté at the Assumption Gallery

9/6/2017 12:00:00 AM

Until the end of October, Assumption Gallery will be hosting Michelle Savoie's exhibit entitled Connecté. The artist has 13 paintings on display at her first-ever Assumption Gallery exhibition.
This collection is quite different than what she has done in the past—by letting go of her former artistic habits and reflexes, she was able to enter a new phase of her creative process. “I put away my paintbrush and opted for a spatula; I used an easel instead of my work table; and I used liquid medium, thick modeling clay, and sand,” she explains. “I developed a new relationship with the canvas.”
Her abstract pieces therefore explore transparency, colour, movement and texture. “I create non-judgmentally and with the imperfection that is required to achieve perfection,” she says. “My work allows me to connect and share with others.”
Visitors will also discover her passion for the written word when they read her poem Connecté, displayed behind each painting. The poem will also appear on the gallery wall, along with other information about the artist. “The spaces around us affect our daily lives. I believe that things, words, and even thoughts, play a role in our environment and have a direct impact on how we feel,” concludes Michelle Savoie.
Her collection of poems, Simple vie, was recently published by Édilivre, an alternative publishing house in Paris.
The arts have always been a part of Ms. Savoie’s life: classical ballet, dance teaching, painting and poetry. She practised law for over 10 years but returned to her calling as an artist shortly afterward. Michelle grew up in Village-Blanchard on the Acadian Peninsula and now lives in Dieppe.
The Assumption Gallery exhibits contemporary, modern and popular art, traditional and folk art as well as sculptures and photographs by professional Canadian artists. Six two-month exhibitions are presented every year. The Gallery is located at 770 Main Street in Moncton, on the ground floor of Assumption Place.