Laura Lamey presents her exhibition "Fissures and Faults" at the Assumption Gallery

6/13/2019 12:00:00 AM

Moncton, June 13, 2019 — The Assumption Gallery plunges into the coastal world with artist Laura Lamey’s exhibition "Fissures and faults".  The exhibition is on display until June 30th.
Closely linked to the landscapes of the coastline, Laura Lamey's abstract works explore the themes of erosion and resistance to establish links between these concepts and their similar effects on people. The artist wishes to stimulate reflection and discussion with the visitors of the Assumption Gallery.
“Just as these fissures and faults allow the elements to transform the landscape, when we are vulnerable, we are open to the experience of being changed. The fiercest of conditions, the most difficult of life’s challenges, have the capacity to transform. We continually adjust, respond, and repurpose, adapting to changing circumstances”, explains Laura Lamey.
As a high school teacher, she is able to see the impact that people, the environment, and critical events can have on the development of a young person’s character on their way to adulthood. In the same way, her work is impacted by her own internal reflections, the events going on around her, and the landscapes she observes.
The works of the "Fissures and faults" exhibition is the result of a sabbatical year devoted to creation through a Creation Grant from the New Brunswick Arts Board.  Laura Lamey took the opportunity to perform a one-week artist residency in a yurt in Fundy National Park, and then explored Cape Breton Island with her notebooks and sketches during the summer.
"I am very interested in seeing my thoughts become Visual, transforming what I think into something that can be seen. Everything is connected: my writing and taking notes in my sketchbook have become an important part of my practice and, in this way, I connect everything with my work, "she explains. Its reflection process is then transposed with oil painting on the canvas or specialized paper or with drawings in ink or graphite.
The Assumption Gallery displays paintings of contemporary, modern and popular art, works exploring traditional or folk themes, sculpture and photographs from professional Canadian artists. Six exhibits are presented annually, each two months in length. It is located at 770 Main Street, on the ground floor of the Assumption Place building, in Moncton.