Assumption Gallery presents "Colors and harmony for the soul" by Isabelle Lafargue

4/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

Moncton (NB), April 9, 2021 - The Assumption Gallery is proud to present the exhibition "Colours and Harmony for the Soul" by artist Isabelle Lafargue during the months of March and April 2021. These ten mixed media works of oil on canvas with ceramic plates invite people to experience and feel the emotions that colours can awake.

"Colours are what I've been passionate about since I was a child, regardless of the medium," says this artist, originally from St. Pierre and Miquelon, who has been living in Dieppe since 2012. "I love colours for the emotions they can evoke and the strength they give off.”

The artist was inspired by her reading of the book " L’étonnant pouvoir des couleurs " by Jean-Gabriel Causse and Lise Bourbeau's on the subject of healing the wounds for the soul. "This thread about colours joins the works created for this exhibition and also artworks from a series I had previously created called "Perception" and which present the same subject, but using different colours. How, from the same subject, but in a different colour, can we create very different emotions and feelings for the artist and for the person who will discover the work? ", she wonders. 

She therefore invites visitors to the gallery to let themselves be carried away by the colours to discover the exhibition. For example, the vibrant colours of the work "The free Spirit" refer to the current pandemic period and the essential nature of freedom of thought and expression. The pianist above the city symbolizes the importance of questioning and expressing one's ideas, while the traces of gold leaf that run across the canvas recall the fluid movement of thoughts and music. 

"And all the porcelain plates in my work are a nod to a symbol that gives a deeper reading of the artwork," she confides.

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