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Assumption Gallery presents the works of artist Mélanie Gagnon

9/21/2021 12:00:00 AM

Moncton (NB), September 15 2021 - Self-reflection, reflection of others, reflection of life: these captivating themes are in the spotlight of the exhibition by painter Mélanie Gagnon at the Galerie Assomption. Works from her collection "Le reflet" are on display during the months of September and October.

"I called my collection 'Le Reflet' because everything we are is a reflection of what we live, of how we think. It is not by chance that I paint boats. When I look at a boat, I see its reflection in the water just as the life we lead every day is a reflection of who we are. I make a connection between the boat and the human being who goes on an adventure, who travels and explores," explains the Saint-Quentin native who now lives in Shediac.

In fact, one of her favourite works in the exhibition, "La città dell'amore" or the City of Love, reflects a trip to Venice after a transatlantic cruise and a stay steeped in Italian art. "It is impossible not to paint Venice. Everywhere, the colours have aged well and the tone on tone is exceptional. The colour of the water is really different from here. When I look at this painting, I remember all the cachet of the Venetians and the state of my surroundings," she explains.

A teacher by training, Mélanie Gagnon describes herself as an instinctive, even primitive artist. She is inspired by the moment and lets her creativity guide her as she explores her various representations of boats, flowers or trees. She wants people to feel her work, her passion and her pleasure to paint. His freedom of movement translates into brightly coloured paintings that are striking in their brilliance.

A lover of words, Mélanie Gagnon also creates texts that are an integral part of each work and add a literary dimension.

The Assumption Gallery exhibits paintings of contemporary, modern or popular art, of a historical or folkloric nature, as well as sculptures and photographs by professional Canadian artists. Six exhibitions, of two months each, are presented there each year. It is located at 770 Main Street in Moncton, on the ground floor of the Place de l'Assomption building.

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